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The Challenge

Inability to find relevant talents on various platforms

Butler, a local startup with limited resources for recruitment tried both traditional and innovative methods to look for candidates. As a result, common issues were still encountered without effective targeting:

  • Insufficient applications
  • Irrelevant candidates
  • Slow application rate

Just like many other startups, being not well-known amongst the general public greatly reduced their job posts' page views and the candidates' interest


... that's when they approached Wantedly for a cost-effective solution - the Lite Plan.

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is Hong Kong’s first
home management provider
that takes care of your home
in a bespoke manner,
so you have more time to enjoy
an elevated living experience.

The Solution


Wantedly Job Post

After taking our expert advice, they added different elements into their job posts:

  • Pictures of different occasions
  • Comprehensive company information 
  • Direct and focused headline

The optimisation of their job posts successfully brought in over 30 applications for each job post without social media boosting.


Wantedly Profile

Millennials demand transparency, and here's where Wantedly's Company Profile came into play:

  • 360°understanding - "Why-What-How" intro
  • Showcase of B2B and B2C photographs

By providing talents with more relevant information and attractive visuals, Butler's jobs resulted with over 4,600 page views.


Wantedly Chat

Communications are made instant nowadays, and with Wantedly Chat, Butler did:

  • Instantly talk to the candidates
  • Receive reminders of pending applications
  • Request extra documents from talents 

Thanks to Wantedly Chat, recruitment-related communication was more effective. Hence, more time was saved for Butler's business. 

The Results

Hiring the Right Fit

Through Wantedly, Butler was able to hire employees who fit their company culture with a limited budget. It was also done in a fast and effective manner which allowed Butler to focus on their growth as a startup with the time saved from recruitment.

Who says quality recruitment = excessive investment?

Wantedly is the counter-example.






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