How FunNow Attracted 170+ Applications with Wantedly Story


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The Challenge

Insufficient and Irrelevant Applications on Traditional Platforms

As a sizeable startup with international branches in Asia, FunNow also faced difficulties in recruitment. Despite the low volume of applicants received on a few traditional job platforms, the quality-related issues included:

  • Commonly without the required knowledge or relevant experience
  • Random backgrounds applying for specific jobs
  • Asking for unreasonable salary

Luckily, their staff in Taiwan suggested the branch in Hong Kong to use Wantedly...

Problems are then easily solved, voila!





FunNow is a Taiwanese online booking
service company launched in 2015.
They offer last-minute online bookings
for hotels, spas, restaurants,
beauty salons, outdoor events
and more. So, just have fun now!

The Solution


Wantedly Story (read here!)

Marketing the interview is one key, while crafting FunNow CEO's unique story is another, e.g.:

  • How he started FunNow
  • How he views post-90s (the major workforce)
  • What kind of people suit FunNow's culture

With attractive content and the right targeting, the story itself generated over 5,800 views, which were all potential candidates. 


Wantedly Job Post

With down-to-earth visuals and appropriated headlines, their job posts are:

  • Targeted to specific groups of candidates
  • Informative and attractive
  • Clickbaity (views come before applications!)

Results? Over 4,000 page views were generated and over 170 applications were made, not bad eh!?


Wantedly Chat

With our on-site messenger, FunNow ultilized it as the main communication channel to:

  • Arrange appointments
  • Talk to the candidates
  • Request extra documents from applicants

With around 80% response rate, FunNow regarded our candidates as active, responsive and mostly relevant. 

The Results

A Vast Pool of Relevant Talents

It's always said that quality is more important than quantity when it comes to recruitment. Well, FunNow is definitely screening a whole lot quality applications!

As long as you have a group of active and relevant candidates around, one can always make a fine hire quick and easy.

No one ever minds having good problems, right? With Wantedly, recruitment can be much easier and happier than you've experienced. 



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