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The Challenge

Attracting candidates on traditional recruitment platforms

For Outward Bound Hong Kong, recruitment had been their biggest headache due to the
passiveness of posting jobs onto the "old" platforms and the following:

  • Unique industry (Outdoor Education)
  • Rural workplace (Sai Kung outskirt)
  • Irrelevant candidates

Plus, like many other companies, they were bounded by the habits of using the few "big"
recruitment platforms which on average gave them less than 100 job post page views


... until they found Wantedly.

Outward Bound Logo




Outward Bound Hong Kong
is a non-profit making organisation
created to help people discover
and develop their potential
to care for themselves, others
and the world around them
through challenging experiences
in unfamiliar settings.

The Solution


Wantedly Story (read here!)

Through tailor-made interviews featuring junior team members, we helped Outward Bound:

  • Build their employer brand
  • Promote their company culture
  • Expose this to active and passive job-seekers

We brought out Outward Bound's unique employee value proposition and then amplified that to relevant people on social media.


Wantedly Job Post

It's the 21st century, who wants to read text-only job posts? Wantedly job posts are:

  • Crafted in a "down-to-earth" manner
  • Visual packed; be it videos or images
  • Interactive, powered by Wantedly Chat

Amongst other openings, their one and only job post stood out and successfully converted online applications to interviews.


Wantedly Meetup

In Outward Bound's hiring process, talents are invited and contacted with Wantedly Meetup to:

  • Boost the overall number of attendees
  • Preview the profiles of registrants
  • Manage the event 

Outward Bound utilised Wantedly Meetup to host and manage their info day and selection day all in one place.

The Results

Passionate and Relevant Candidates

Through Wantedly, Outward Bound was able to expand their talent pool with passionate and relevant talents through recruitment marketing and employer branding. This also led to an increase in their brand awareness as a non-profit making organisation and employer themselves.

The results are simple: more applications to their open positions; even more suitable talents joining their team.




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