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The Challenge

Ineffectiveness of Various Platforms to Bring in Candidates

WeMakeGift had tried both traditional and more innovative platforms, yet they don't see much of a result on both of these due to the following:

  • Unresponsive and irrelevant candidates
  • Lack of applications and job post views
  • No results after trial period

These factors prompted them to question whether these job platforms were effective or not. As a boutique gift factory, they don't have much budget for hiring, which leave them no choice. 

At last, they found Wantedly.







WeMakeGift is a gift factory
that brings smiles. Our gifts are unique,
beautiful, and usually handcrafted.
We also host all kinds of events
so as to make gifts with our guests,
and to generate smiles
and positive energy in anywhere!

The Solution



Wantedly Job Post

After careful crafting, like how WeMakeGift crafts their products, their job posts are able to:

  • Provide  precise and clear job descriptions
  • Attract candidates with engaging photos
  • Fully introduce themselves with our "Why-What-How" approach

Therefore, without any extra advertising, they attracted over 1,400 views to their job posts.


Wantedly Profile

On our users' profiles, there're a lot more to discover which reveal "who" they really are:

  • Personalised tagline
  • Works produced, e.g. projects, publications. portfolios...
  • Self-improvement, e.g. courses, certificates...

Everyone has limited time, it's always better to know more about your candidates than wasting your efforts, right?

The Results

Know What You Need, Find Who You Want

After experiencing what Wantedly can do, WeMakeGift didn't just fill their headcount but found the ones they need and want. 

One can easily find an applicant who is capable of doing the job, but whether or not s/he has the same values as the company, is an entirely different question. 

If this is also how you want to do your recruitment, Wantedly is your answer. 





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