Ultimate Employer Branding Guide

Want to reduce your cost-per-hire by 50%? Don't know how to double your qualified candidates? Too much time spent on making a successful hire? Our Ultimate Employer Branding Guide is all you need to answer the above. 

Time is Short, Here's What you Want



What is employer branding?

  • - It's not your corporate or customer brand, but "the joint vision a company is working towards, and the promise it is making to future employees."
  • - You should tell the candidates "what makes you special, and driving home why talent should choose you as an employer over the competition..."
  • - It shouldn't be fake, it's important to "[stay] true to yourself and your company’s strategy and vision."
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How to get started?

  • - Analyse your competitors (What differentiates you
    from them?)
  • - Collect external data (What is your organisation’s reputation as an employer?)
  • - Ask your employees (How satisfied are they with their working experience?)
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“60% of candidates say that FIRST and FOREMOST they want to know about a company's culture and values.”
– Wantedly Employer Branding Guide, p.20

Case Studies


Outward Bound

"Is it just too good?" - Ping Law, Head of Staffing and Development



"Wantedly Story is one of a kind." - Didi Yip, Operations Manager



"Instead of quantity, Wantedly focuses on the quality of the talents." - Michelle Chan, Founder and Managing Director



"Wantedly is the platform to look for cultural fit and great personalities." - Annie Leung, Founder



"Wantedly is the go-to platform for fast, cost-effective and quality recruitment." - Angues Chan & Jonathan Lam, Co-founder & Director

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